About Me

I'm a systems engineer living and working in Cuenca, Ecuador, with my wife, son and our dog.

I have a number of technical and soft skills, including work with Debian, Puppet, Windows server platforms 2003 to present, Windows client platforms from XP to present, and various related technologies, such as Exchange, SCCM, Hyper-V, VMWare ESX, and Active Directory management. I also speak Spanish.

I've lived in France (2011-2012) and Ecuador (2014 - present). My wife and I have a love for travel and culture. I'm also mechanically inclined, towards bicycles and motorcycles.

I have a strong interest in music and music production, and have a degree in Music Production from Ohio University, as well as an Associates degree in I.T from Rhodes State College in Lima, Ohio.

I can be contacted at, on Skype as damonbreeden, or at 419-210-3631 (US) or 099-033-0345 (EC, Whatsapp).


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